hello there

i'm tayler, i'm so glad you decided to stop by!

i am a lover of all things fashion, beauty and harry potter related.  i think i was a gypsy in another life and i am obsessed with pizza.  that's basically me in a nutshell. click around to learn some more about me! you can mainly find me on the instagrams, this website is more of a formality to keep everything organized!!!

ginger next door is basically the collection of all my different projects, it is an umbrella over all the other things i do,  here's a quick rundown:

tayler swensen: my main/personal instagram

ginger next door: my website name and my youtube channel where i will share all kinds of things: makeup tutorials and vlogs about my fashion design stuffs!

tayler nichole designs: i design the things i dream about, tayler nichole designs is all my own projects and creations and sketches and things of that nature!

tayler swensen makeup: this will be a good place to go if you are sick of looking at my silly mug, and want to see the things i do to other humans! such as photoshoots and film projects i get to work on!

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