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Friday, March 11, 2016

Well HI THERE!!!!

It's been about a million years since I've posted here on my blog! I've recently started my transition from fashion blogging to beauty blogging/youtube. I've mainly been on YouTube and Instagram lately! I LOVE fashion so much, but with how crazy my work schedule is, it's really hard for me to find the time to do full on outfit posts. So you will still see a lot of fashion posts from me, but I'm mainly moving over into makeup artistry and fashion design.

Part of the reason for this is because as a fashion blogger, I found myself feeling pressured to put together outfits and to always have something new to share. This got tiring and it stopped being fun (plus feeling the pressure to always buy new clothes isn't fun for my wallet either!!!)

Fashion is still something I love, obviously!!!! As I get more into fashion design and sewing my own creations, (more on that later!) I have also found myself loving learning makeup. The world of makeup is endless. You can create a lot of different things from fewer products.

So here's what's happening here on my blog!

You'll mainly see:
-Makeup Tutorials
-Makeup Reviews
-Fashion Design posts of my original designs, fashion sketches, sneak peeks on what I'm working on and as I start learning more things, possibly some tips and tricks I learn along the way!
-Occasional outfit posts
-Pictures of my cat, Weasley :D
-Life updates

The main reason for this transition is basically what I said above. It became pressure to always have a new outfit to post and it stopped being FUN, which is why I starting blogging in the first place. I guess I just want to share with you more of my real life, and my own creations as I begin that journey into fashion design!

Here's where you can follow along!

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And if you'd like to see the photoshoots and fun things I do with my bestie, go follow our joint blog Sweet September Girls!

I'm so thankful for the love and support that I've been given as I start my fashion design journey. The amount of kind words and support has been truly overwhelming and it means the world to me!!!!!

Love as always,

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