Candy Girls

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I don't even know how to start this post because I'm too excited!!!!!!!

A while back, my bestie, Hilary, and I dreamed up a candy themed photoshoot. We talked and planned how we wanted the photos to turn out, and seriously, it turned out even more fabulous than I imagined!!

These three stunning girls KILLED IT!!!!! Plus, Hilary is not only a great photographer, she can manipulate hair to do incredible things. And I can do some pretty fancy things with a little makeup and some creativity (if I do say so myself). The five of us made quite the team! I'm so happy with how this photoshoot turned out! I had an absolute blast!!
Models:  Rachael Bauer, Lindsey Robinson, Kenzie Potter
Makeup: Tayler Stokes 
Cupcakes: Sweet Tooth Fairy :)

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