Keeping it Simple

Monday, June 29, 2015

There are days where I just don't have the energy to put together a full on outfit. Where I'd rather stay in my sweats and avoid being in public. BUT sometimes you HAVE to go somewhere that it's not acceptable to wear a dirty hoodie and your sweats that have a hole in the crotch because they're falling apart at the seams--be honest, I know you own a pair.
So here's how I "dress up" when I don't feel like "dressing up":
By adding a statement necklace and a cute hat to a simple jeans and t shirt look, you transform into someone who looks like they weren't just sitting on the couch watching Friends and eating Nutella straight from the can, be honest, I KNOW you've done that one.
As much as I love clothes and fashion and getting dressed up, sometimes I just like to be as simple and quick as possible! #sweatpantsforever
Here's a quick makeup look to go with this outfit!

Photos: Sweet September Photography
Necklace: Bohme Boutique
Hat: similar
Sandals: Target

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