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Friday, April 3, 2015

If you're like me, you probably scroll through Netflix for ten trying to find something new to watch! And if you're like me, you probably end up watching the same old thing you always do!
Well, I've composed a list of some of my FAVE chick flicks you can find now on Netflix! Perfect for a girls night in, or just if you need a fun, cute show to watch! So pop open a Diet Coke and put on a soothing face mask, and choose a movie from this list! Most of them are Romantic Comedies (or as I like to call them, RomComs :) ) This is basically a list of movies that if you haven't seen, you MUST WATCH THEM!!!

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In no particular order:

Newer RomComs:
*13 Going on 30
*Mean Girls
*America's Sweethearts
*Ella Enchanted

80s/90s RomCom Classics:
*Sleepless in Seattle
*While You Were Sleeping
*Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
*Practical Magic
*She's All That
*Teen Witch
*Ever After
--90's Disney Movies YES!
*Wish Upon A Star
*Cadet Kelly

ABC Family/Hallmark Originals:
*Beauty and the Briefcase
*Sents and Sensibility
*My Fake Fiance
*Love Struck-The Musical

*Breakfast at Tiffany's
*Funny Face

Leave me some of your favorites in the comments!! Happy Streaming!

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