Denim on Denim

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Since the Utah weather can't make up its mind, (as usual!) I've been using a lot of spring time layering tricks this year on days when Mother Nature decides it's still winter!  Layering a lightweight sweatshirt and a chambray has been a go-to look for me recently! This outfit is great with a pair of combat boots, or sandals on day when it's a little warmer!  I've had a lot of girls lately tell me they're not sure they can "pull off" denim on denim. Well guess what? YOU CAN!!! Put it together and rock it out!!! I love denim with denim, as long as you're not pulling a Justin and Britney circa 2001 (am I right?!)

Photos: Hilary Olsen
Sweatshirt: Bohme Boutique
Chambray: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Forever Young
Pants: Flying Monkey

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