Tips For Making Press On Nails Last!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Press on nails are THE BOMB!  Why pay the money to go get them done when you can have cute nails from home?! Today's post is a few tips for making your press on nails last and look FAB!
Here we go!

My cute friend, Ashleigh, sent me these press on nails from Australia!
First things first:
1. Remove nail polish
2. Gently push back your cuticles
3. Shape your finger nails 

4. Gently remove the shine from your nails. (many people will say to "rough up" the nails, don't just go crazy filing away at your nails. Carefully remove the top layer, working in a downward motion away from your cuticles!)
6. Use a nail dehydrator to remove any debris and oil from your nails. This makes it so the glue adheres better to your nail! A dehydrator TEMPORARILY removes oils from your nail! This can be found at Sally's!

7. Once you've used the nail dehydrator, size your press on nails. If there is any overhang onto your skin, file them to better fit your nail bed! Having the correct nail size makes it so the press on nails won't lift as easily!

8. Once you've sized and shaped your nails, glue them on!
9. Snap off the top tab and file the false nail to the length and shape you want! (I chose to make mine round instead of square!)

 Follow these simple steps and your press on nails will be looking great! I had my nails on for over a week, and only had to re-glue two of them! I just keep my nail glue in my purse and if I ever lost one, I just glued it back on!

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