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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Provo Fashion Week is coming up and I have had the great opportunity to work with one of Utah's fashion designers, Mary Rino, as she prepares for the fashion shows coming up this weekend!  Mary has been so great to work with, and I'm so thrilled that I've had the opportunity to work with her!

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In honor of her show in Provo Fashion Week, I wanted to do a post all about Mary and her designs!  During fittings this past weekend, I got to know her better and I'm excited to share her story with you!

" Alice" Photo: Zuzanna Audette 
Mary went through the Fashion Design program at Salt Lake Community College.  When she was a young girl, she loved playing dress up and always had a passion for design.  When she was in Jr. High and High School, she created many sewing projects. In High School, Mary sewed all her own prom dresses and knew she wanted to do more.

 "Grace" Photo: Zuzanna Audette

Over the years, Mary has worked with the Ballet West Costume Department, the Utah Opera, and has worked in costume design for multiple films.  When Mary first decided she wanted to make fashion design her career, she went in the direction of costuming and film design.  After working on a few costuming/film projects, she shifted to bridal designs.

Photo: Aimsphotography
The first collection of dresses Mary made was in 2010, the year before she graduated from SLCC.  She set her mind on her goal of being a full time designer, came up with a collection, and gave herself a deadline. Lily Bride Design was born! Her collection was featured in the RAW Couture fashion show in 2010.

"Iris" Photo: Zuzanna Audette
Earlier this year, Mary's designs were featured in the Ballet West Couture in Motion Fashion Show. She also had collections shown in Art Meets Fashion in 2011 and Fashion Night Out in 2012.

Photo: Andrea Hanks Photography
Currently, Mary is working for Alta Moda Bridal.  Mary mainly specializes in alterations, generally making dresses modest for LDS weddings.  Mary feels a great sense of satisfaction when she is able to deconstruct and then reconstruct a dress in order to make it modest.  Mary told me one of her favorite parts of her job at Alta Moda is the education she has gotten from her exposure to many different fabrics, the way dresses are constructed, and learning how to create dresses for many different body types.

"Jayne" Photo: Zuzanna Audette
Along with alterations, Mary does custom gowns as well.  Mary's favorite type of dress to create is, of course, evening/bridal gowns.  Mary is fascinated by the way different fabrics lay, and the construction of dresses.  She loves the challenge of manipulating fabrics to fit and move how she wants them.  When Mary makes a custom gown, she puts so much time and passion in to each one; she puts 40-60 hours into each gown she makes!

"Love Interwoven" Photo: Aimsphotography
I have had so much fun talking fashion with Mary as I've helped during preparation for Provo Fashion Week!  We talked about our favorite designers, our inspirations, and our fashion obsessions!  Mary's favorite couture designer is Dior.  She told me if she could own any item, if price didn't matter, it would be a beautiful couture Dior gown.  Of course because they're gorgeous, but also so that she could look at the construction, the seams, the fabric, so she could learn more about the design.

Photo: Jessica Janae
While Mary juggles alterations, her own original designs, and her sweet family, she is also working with the Utah Fashion Industry Association.  Mary hopes to accomplish a lot for the fashion community here in Utah.  UFIA is mainly to better connect the Utah fashion community by giving networking and workshop opportunities for designers, photographers, makeup artists, etc. The main focus Mary wants for UFIA is to educate Utah on fashion, and build the fashion community.

"Syil" Photo: Camilla Binks
Working with Mary has been an incredible experience!  Her designs for Provo Fashion Week are GORGEOUS!!!!! Mary's collection for this show was inspired by old Hollywood glam and her own twist on the classic Disney princesses.  The dresses are amazing, to say the least.  I don't want to give to much away so I will just post some previews of what's in store for the fashion shows this weekend.

Mary is such a good example to me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to assist her during Provo Fashion Week. She has been so great to work with, and her passion for design is inspiring!

"Hazel" Photo: Zuzanna Audette
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