Provo Fashion Week: Behind the Scenes

Monday, October 13, 2014

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to work with Mary Rino of Lily Bride Designs during Provo Fashion Week!! (You can read more about Mary's work in -this post-)
Today's post will be all about the behind the scenes side of the fashion show.  It was a really great experience for me to see all that goes into getting ready for a fashion show! From choosing the models, to fittings, to getting the finishing touches all pulled together!

Working with Mary really made me realize how much I want fashion design to be part of my life!  Last year when I realized Fashion Design School couldn't happen with my schedule (and lack of funds haha) I didn't think I would be able to accomplish what I wanted.  But being part of Mary's show really gave me a big reminder that I want to make beautiful things :)  All weekend I kept saying "I love this! I wish this was my real life!" But more on that later!  Let's get into the fun stuff!!!

***All gowns are original designs by Mary Rino, Lily Bride Designs***
Head pieces by Talia Bright

Fittings at Tissu
Dress: Vivian  Model: Susie

Dress: Josephine Model: Julie
Bishop Sleeves are my new FAVORITE THING!!!!
Dress: Veronica

Dress: Sybil  Model: Jarna

Dress: Nora   Model: Shannon
Dress: Vivian   Model: Allanah

Dress:  Hazel  Model: Susie

Dress:  Rowena   Model: Cate
Dress: Ula  Model: Katie


Dress:  Aroura Dawn  Model: Caitlin

Dress:  Starla  Model:  Marina

Dress:  Nora  Model: Mallori

The day of the fittings, I walked outside to find someone
parked this close to me.  Had to get in through the passenger
side.  Thanks a lot, random minivan owner.

Behind the Scenes Provo Fashion Week

Head pieces made by Talia Bright

LOOK at these gorgeous gowns and these gorgeous girls!!! All of the models we worked with were so fun and sweet!  Great getting to know all of you lovely girls!!!!

Mary, I cannot thank you enough for this incredible experience.  You are incredibly talented and I'm glad to have you as a friend and mentor!

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