Fall Trends I'm "Falling" For: Part 2 Shoes

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello there! And Happy September to you!!!
Last week, I talked about my favorite Fall nail polish colors in this post!  Today's post is Part 2 of Fall Trends I'm "Falling" For.... SHOES!!! Oh so many pretties I'm swooning over these days!

Fall Trends I'm "Falling" For

1. Fold-Over Boots: Forever Young--I LOVE the shape of the heel on these, as well as the cute pop of plaid when they're folded over.  HAD to include both ways to wear them in this collage!

2. Valenino Rock Stud Heels: (that I will probably never be able to afford in this lifetime) but aren't they pretty to stare at? Someone tell me where I can get similar ones in my budget range!!!

3. Cheetah Loafers: The ones pictured are from Avenue 32 and like $500! BUT! I got myself a pair from Mindy Mae's Market for a GREAT price!

4. Sneaker Wedges: I'm excited to rock a pair of these this fall! The ones pictured are from Aldo, I've also seen some great ones around at Target and Forever 21.

5. Nude Flats: The pair I got at Target a while back have become a really important staple in my wardrobe! Nude colored shoes look beautiful, and these flat ones are comfy, too! Win, Win!!!

6. Combat Boots: I bought a pair of combat boots a few years ago, and wore them until they had holes in the bottoms (literally) so I re-purchased the same pair from Forever Young! If you don't already have a pair of combat boots, I promise you'll wear the crap out of them!

7. Fringe Booties: These ones are by Alyse Walker and you can buy them for $500. WAH! I need these in my life. The fringe, the wedge heel, the color. SOMEONE tell me where to get these for cheap. They're gorgeous and I've become slightly (OK totally,) obsessed with Alyse Walker's designs.

I hope you're as excited for Fall clothes as I am!  Keep an eye out for a few of these shoes around my blog, because you're going to be seeing them A LOT!

Have a great day!  What shoes are you "Falling" for this year?! Comment below, I'd love to see more pretties!
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