DIY Polka Dot Wall-Renter Friendly

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hey there!!! Today's post is a Polka Dot wall DIY!  I am SO HAPPY with how this turned out!  It added such a fun pop to my desk area!  And the best part is, this is a renter friendly DIY!  These polka dots I used are easy to remove and don't hurt your paint!!  I got them on Amazon, here's the link!

Here's what you'll need for this project!

*Vinyl Polka Dots (mine are 3 inches)*Tape Measure*Sticky Notes-this worked great because they're the same size as the dots!!

First things first, wipe down your wall with a wet towel to help the dots stick!
Next, I mapped out were I wanted my dots!  The wall I put mine on is 6x7 feet, so I spaced my dots 15 inches apart-starting on the left side of the first sticky note, to the left side of the second sticky note.

After I mapped out my rows and was happy with where they were, I just replaced the sticky notes with the dots! They're incredibly easy to stick on, and once you press them down, they look just like paint! 

And that's it!! This was such a simple project and I am THRILLED with how it turned out.  If my hubby would let me get away with it, my whole house would be covered in these pretty little polka dots!  The polka dots came on a sheet of 56 and I used 55, it worked out so fabulously!!

 photo TaylerSIG_zps842e824c.png

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