#ManicureMonday: Starry Night

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello lovlies!
Obviously, it's not Monday, so #manicuremonday came a day late!  My blog wouldn't upload pictures yesterday. (How rude!!)
Today's post is a tutorial for how to do some cute starry night nails! This is a super easy tutorial, and because you're just sponging on polish, you cannot mess these up!

For this nail look, you will need:
-Black polish for the base
-White, blue and purple polish for the sky
-Glitter top coat for the stars
-Q tips and a paper towel for dabbing

Step One: paint your nails black, and let them dry completely.
Step Two: start with your white polish and use a q tip to dab it on your nails.
Step Three: (forgot to number it, oops!)  dip your q tip in a dot of nail polish and dot it onto your paper towel a couple of times, so that it isn't completely opaque. This helps so that you can see all the colors you're adding to your nails, rather than covering them up!
Step Four: repeat with blue polish
Step Five: repeat with purple polish
Step 6: Add your glitter top coat

Clean up the edges, and TADA! The night sky is now on your fabulous finger nails!
I love this look, and it's so simple to achieve!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to follow me on instagram so I can see your amazing starry night nails! Use #gndmanicuremonday I would love to see your nail creations!

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