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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hey there!

Today's post is all about my first love, books.  I've loved reading for as long as I can remember! When I saw this picture on Pinterest today, it sparked the idea for a post all about books!  I love to get lost in a good book!  I love to become obsessed with story lines, and getting overly attached to my favorite characters.  I love being WAY too invested in books, and experiencing the "book hangover". Basically, I LOVE READING.  Let's talk books. These are a couple of my all time favorite books and a couple of books I've read recently!

First, and most importantly, Harry Potter.  I am IN LOVE -obsessed- with this book series.  When I started reading this book, I was in 2nd grade.  And it was the most wonderful book I'd ever read (and still is, let's be honest!)  I grew up reading Harry Potter, waiting the endless months until the next book came out, when I could finally go back to my "real life" at Hogwarts.  If you've never read Harry Potter, you must.  You must become obsessed with the magic!  If you have seen the movies, that will not do these books justice.  You're missing out if you've only seen the movies.  The way things all end up working out and fitting together is insanely well planned out. I could talk for hours on end about these books! It's an addiction.  Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood-adult years.  And Harry Potter is a huge reason me and my bestie, Hilary, became friends.  I'm not even kidding when I say that.  The first real conversation I had with Hilary was about our shared fan girl crush on the always dashing Danielle Radcliffe. sigh. Read. These. Books.  It will change your life.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. This book. Ah.  This is one of those books I will read over and over and never get sick of.  The style of writing in this book is different from any book that I have read.  It is a gorgeously written book,  people don't write like this very often, and it's incredible.  The Night Circus is about just that, a circus that appears almost magically in different places in the world. You don't know it's coming, it just appears.  The way the author describes elements of the circus, you feel like you are there.  You can practically taste the caramel corn.  Morgenstern is incredibly descriptive, and paints such a beautiful picture!  The book is centered around two young magicians that are in a competition with each other.  There are a few other story lines as well, following the creator of the circus, an avid fan of the circus, a clock maker and a few others.  In the end all of the story lines connect and twist together.   It's incredible and so well thought out.  From the magical clock in the circus to the countless tents to be explored, you will be homesick for this circus.  And it's not a real place, so you'll just have to be depressed about it like I am. :) hahah  but seriously.  Read it, fall in love with Le Cirque de Reves (the Circus of Dreams).

 The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner.  This series is written in a younger style of writing.  Which there is nothing wrong with!  It is also written from the perspective of a teenage boy, which I don't read a lot of.  So that made this series a really fun read.  One piece of advice, make sure you have access to all three, because you will not be able to stop reading once you start!   The Maze Runner series starts off with Thomas appearing in a box, in the middle of a field, in the middle of a maze.  There is a small community of other teenage boys there, that all appeared the same way that Thomas did.  None of them have any memories before coming to the Maze.  All they want is to get out of the Maze.  Which becomes Thomas's goal. The walls of the Maze change every night, and there are horrible predators that get in the boys' way.  The day after Thomas shows up, a girl come through the box. Then everything changes and they are all in danger and HAVE to find their way out of the Maze.  The first book makes you think, and I like that in a book.  The Maze runner is suspenseful and keeps you guessing!  I don't want to give too much away about the last two books, but they're great too!  Just a warning, these books get gory and creepy, in the best way.  If you're into zombies and end of the world themed books, this series is for you!  Dashner sucks you in right away, keeps you guessing, creeps you out, and breaks your heart with the loss of some characters and the twisting story line. Great books if you're looking for something interesting and action filled!

Last, but certainly not least, The Host by Stephanie Meyer.  First of all, ignore that it was written by the same person who wrote Twilight.  Just erase that from your mind.  I feel like I am constantly having to defend The Host!  It comes with a bad reputation because of Twilight, but don't go in with that attitude. Because it's a great book!  It's got si-fi, romance and action.  The Host is set in a time where the planet has become so evil that aliens come down to correct the mistakes made by the humans by taking over their minds.  There are a few humans who caught on, and they are trying to stay alive.  The main character, Melanie, gets captured and becomes a host for one of the aliens.  However, she doesn't disappear like she should.  Eventually Melanie convinces the alien sharing her brain, Wanderer, to go and find Melanie's family.  Through Melanie's memories, Wanderer feels her own love for Melanie's loved ones.  There is so much more to the story than that, but I won't keep rambling! *please oh PLEASE if you read this book, do not see the movie. Horrible, awful, worst thing ever. And if you have already seen the movie but didn't read the book, read it. They're so different, you'll forget you even saw the horrible movie.

I hope you enjoyed this (very long, hopefully not too rambling) post!  I am always looking for new books to fall in love with! So if you have a book that changed your life, please share it with me in the comments!!

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