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Monday, March 24, 2014

Hi there!
Lately, my husband Gavin and I have been trying to eat better, and work out more.  Which is something we've tried multiple time, but haven't found anything that will stick!  We are trying again, and hoping to make a permanent change to our eating/workout habits.  Gavin found this awesome website called!  It's really great, and inspiring!  The blogger talks about making healthy eating a lifestyle change instead of dieting.  Which, let's face it, dieting SUCKS and we all hate it.  No one likes to be hungry, or cut out EVERY yummy, unhealthy food. talks about eating 90 percent healthy, and 10 percent of what you want!  Which I think is a great plan!  Do I need to drink a soda (or 3?) every day? No.  Do I NEED to have candy and treats all the time? No. BUT I do think it's okay to have once in a while, that will prevent the total cave where I eat my weight in Cadbury Eggs. (Ya feel me??)

So I've been scouring Pinterest for lots of healthy recipes and work out ideas!  I am going to do better about meal planning for the week, and I think blogging about it will really help me stick with it, because I will have someone (sort of) to answer to!  I found a ten week meal/workout plan on Pinterest, and have tweaked it to fit what I want it to be!

The Plan
Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner--I've read that it's good to eat lots of small meals to keep from starving and over doing it when you eat meals!
Drinks: Way more water! And less soda, my goal is 2 sodas a week. (quitting cold turkey never works out for me!)

Workouts Options: Choose one Monday-Saturday, rest Sunday
Circuit: 150 jumping jacks
            50 crunches
            20 tricep dips
            15 squats
            15 lunges (each leg)
            70 russian twists
            20 calf raises
            10 pushups
            30 second plank
            10 lunge split jumps
30 minutes of Cardio: running, eliptical, zumba, etc.
1 hour of yoga or pilates

The Goal
Over the next ten weeks, I really want to make a commitment to changing how I eat and working out more.  I hope to find a TON of delicious, healthy recipes, that I can use to change how we eat!  I hope to really commit and stick with this plan and make it a lifestyle change and not just a temporary diet that will eventually end!  But the main thing I hope to get out of this experience is to feel better about myself, and gain higher self confidence!  Once a week, I am going to blog about what works for me and what doesn't, and share some of the yummy recipes I find!  I think blogging about it will really help me to see my progress and stay on track!  And I hope anyone who follows along will find some inspiration, too!
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