Sunday, January 5, 2014

Every year, I find myself making a list of a million resolutions.  Many that I don't pursue, which I know we are all guilty of!  So this year one of my resolutions is to make a list of meaningful resolutions that are important to me, that I will really stick with!  I saw a good list on Pinterest of some outlines for goals, so I used that as inspiration, and added a few others.  I am going to put my list somewhere that I will see often, so my goals are always in the front of my mind!

Hopes and Dreams for Twenty-Fourteen (has a nice ring to it, yes?)

A new skill I'd like to learn:

A place I'm going to go:
On a cruise!!!

I'm going to be better at:
Reading my scriptures

Bad habit I'd like to break:
Saying mean things about myself, to myself
I hope you will all put that on your list!

A person I'd like to be more like:
My sweet husband, he doesn't let the small things get to him
and he is VERY patient

A few more:
Build my testimony
Get a gym membership and actually USE it: zumba and yoga classes!
Be more relaxed, and less anxious
Create more! Sketches, crafts, sewing, blogging
Don't compare my projects to other peoples projects
Do more with the Esty Shop!

I hope I can really stick with these goals, and grow to be closer to the woman I hope to be!  I know this year is going to be full of memories and I'm so excited to to conquer this year! 

loves, tayler

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