Monday, November 11, 2013

So a few months ago, the thought popped into my head: I want to go to school for fashion design.

That's how quickly I decided, and it took one thought, one second, to become obsessed with the idea of fashion design school.

Here in Utah, there are only 2 schools that offer a fashion design program.  So I chose Salt Lake Community College.  I got all registered, took the necessary tests.  I was ready to go.  The closer it came to class registration day, the more excited I got about taking fashion design classes!  FINALLY  the day came.  I logged on to the school website, ready to figure out my exciting new schedule.  I quickly realized that there was no way I could make this work.

The schedule for classes is unreal to me.  All the classes are taught at the same time. Each class is 3 hours, once a week.  9-12 or 7-10pm.  Who can make that work for their schedules? Certainly not a poor newlywed that needs to work as much as possible.  Talk about bursting my bubble.

As I came to the realization that fashion design school was not going to happen, I was a little (okay a lot) heartbroken!  I cried a little more than I care to admit haha.  But after a diet coke (or 20) I told myself I had two options.  1. Cry and be mad and give up on a dream I was EXTREMELY excited about.  or 2. Make this dream happen a different way.

Well. Quitting really isn't my style.

When I decided to go to fashion design school, I didn't really have an end goal in mind.  All I knew what that I LOVED fashion, and wanted to learn more about it.  Pattern making, fashion sketching, sewing, designing beautiful clothes, I loved the idea of learning about all of these things.  Then the thought popped into my head.  You don't HAVE to go to school to learn about those things.

My solution: teach myself.  I won't be able to go to school, which is so sad. Because I LOVE school (geek alert).  But I can still learn more about fashion and designing!  So I've ordered a book on fashion sketching and a book on pattern making.  I'm going to take what I can learn from these books (and as many others as I can get my hands on) and run with it. And I'm SO excited.

The reason I called this post "re-routing" is because sometimes I like to think of prayer as a GPS, and Heavenly Father as the navigator.  (Stay with me, I promise this is going somewhere!)  In all things, God leads us. When we pray, it's sort of like typing an address into a GPS.  When we listen to Heavenly Father telling us which way to go, we get to the place we need to be.  Sometimes we try to do things our own way, we have a plan, we think we know the route.  But then unexpected troubles pop up, and we have to "re-route".  Following Heavenly Father's voice, we will end up where we need to be.  I know he has a plan, a perfect plan, for each and every one of us.  So when troubles or trials arise, re-route. Don't turn around and go home.

I'm excited to embark on this new adventure in fashion design. :) 



  1. isn't it sad when your schooling dreams just don't workout at least... right now?? man, i'm with you on that train. i think you will do so well in the fashion world :)

  2. ok you are awesome! i love that you want to do fashion school! if you can ever fit it with your schedule its so worth it :) I almost went to salt lake community college for fashion and still think about it. I wish you were able to do it, then we could take some fun classes together :) Thank goodness though there is google now and we can figure out almost anything with the help of google! hahah

  3. I know right?! Thank you Kelsey! :)

  4. A former professor of mine at SLCC fashion has started her own sewing/fashion school. Check out What she offers might be more accommodating to a full time work schedule. She is a really good teacher. Tell her I sent you! She accutally is a co- alterations with me for the bridal shop I redesign wedding gowns for.

    1. That's amazing!! I will look in to it thanks so much!