High Five for Friday!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hello on this rainy/snowy Friday!  I'm okay with the weather changing to snow now that we've made it to the middle of November.  (It was warm enough earlier this week that I didn't even need a jacket, and now I've whipped out the big winter coat.  Good job, Utah!)  Am I the only one that so desperately wants to put up the Christmas decorations???  Christmas season has always been my favorite time of year, but now that I have my own place with my own brand new, adorable Christmas decorations, I'm sooooooo anxious to decorate!  Now for the High Fives!

 1. Me and the bestie got season tickets for Ballet West!!! This year is their 50th anniversary.  Our first ballet of the season was Firebird.  It was incredible.  I absolutely love the ballet!  If you've never been, you're missing out.  No matter what age you are, there is something magical about the ballet.  Those dancers are so talented and beautiful, it will make you want to be a ballerina! Ballet West has a show on CW called Breaking Pointe, it's wonderful.  So while we were watching Firebird, we recognized so many of the dancers.  We "Geeked Out" big time, these are our celebs!!! 

 2. On Sunday my husband and I had dinner at my parent's house, which meant spending some time with the feline friend.  We made a video of her playing with some string and then I left my phone on the counter with the camera still open.  Lillie decided to walk all over my phone and this hilarious picture happened.

 3. I had a brilliant idea for an easy work lunch this week.  Turkey, cheese and crackers.  It was like a grown up lunchable.  It was delish!  Plus I found these convenient little boxes at Target! They are similar to those Bento Boxes that I've seen on Pinterest, but way cheaper!

 4. The hubs and I had our first Egg Nog of the season!  It was delicious and tasted like Christmas!  Which added to the feeling that I want my Christmas decorations up right now!!

 5. My November Birchbox arrived!!! My mom sent me this picture of Lillie keeping it safe until I pick it up.  (Two cat pictures in my High Five?!...You're welcome.)


Hope everyone had an amazing week!  Finally the weekend is here!!



  1. Yay for two cat pictures!! And I'm a new follower too! Link-ups are the bomb-diggity. Lol.

    1. Always happy to have new followers!!! :)

  2. Your brilliant Idea to have a grown up lunch is great! I still love them even if I'm grown up :)