E.L.F Makeup Review

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today's blog post is about a few different E.L.F Brand products.  I recently tried their eye shadow primer, fell in love, and can't stop buying their products!!  Normally I won't post much about makeup, but I love this brand!
First of all, eye shadow primer.  If you have never used eye shadow primer, do it.  It will change your life! (Okay, not your whole life, but your eye shadow will look incredible.) It helps your eye shadow stay in place all day, and keeps it from getting those yucky creases!  The first eye shadow primer I ever tried was the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. This small sample tube came with a make up pallet my mom gave me. I loved this primer! That tiny tube lasted for a very long time, and when it ran out, I wanted to buy more. BUT a full sized tube costs around $20.00, which is a lot for a poor newlywed!  So I dug through my mom's make up case and found the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Prep Potion.  It didn't work as well as the Too Faced brand, but it worked.  And again that one ran out. So then I was on the hunt for cheap shadow primer.  After trying too many duds, I found this E.L.F brand primer at Target.  I LOVE IT.  It stays put just as well as the Too Faced Brand, it doesn't get oily, and here's the best part: it's $1.00!!  I don't think I will go back to an expensive primer after trying out this one.  It works just as well, for 1/20th of the price!  

note: when you use this product, you don't need a ton! I like to dab it on my finger, then on my eye lid. Or one small dot on each lid, then blend. :)

After trying the E.L.F brand shadow primer, I wanted to try more of their products.  I decided to try out the mineral foundation since I'd never tried a loose powder foundation.  This has now become my every day powder! The color is great for my super light skin, and is the same shade as my Covergirl Porcelain powder.  The loose powder goes on really well, and is great for a sheer coverage, which I like!  Plus it was only $5.00, which I also like!!

This is the E.L.F foundation brush that they recommend for the loose powder.
 I love it. It's really soft and blends the powder nicely. $1.00

I really like the way this tinted moisturizer goes on, it blends well and feels really light. Again, this is a sheer coverage, and helps even out your skin tone. I love how this looks when it's first applied, but I tend to look oily when I use liquid foundation. Which is why I like the loose powder foundation so much. But if you have dry skin, this would be great because it works as a sheer foundation and moisturizes your skin at the same time! $3.00

I've never tried a loose powder eye shadow before, so I ordered these ones online!  It was only $5.00 for these 2 shadows and it came with an eye shadow brush.  Celebrity is a light brown color and Elegant is a light goldish color. These ones looked closest to the colors that I wear every day.  When I first opened them, they looked like they had a lot of glitter in the color, but when they were applied they were shimery, but not overdone.  (See picture below)

This is the brush that came with my loose powder eye shadows, it works well for blending, but doesn't hold a lot of powder for the actual application. I prefer a longer brush for applying eye shadow.

I liked the way the eye shadow looked. It works well for a lighter make up look. Generally, I like my eye make up a little darker than this, but I would definitely use this shadow on a day where I want something more natural. It stayed on well, and I didn't get any creases! 

Overall, I've really liked the E.L.F brand make up. I initially bought it because it was a great price, but I've continued buying it because it's a good product!   Mostly, I like their primer and foundations and will continue buying those for sure!


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