Kicking the Diet Coke Habit

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello, my name is Tayler, and I'm a Diet Coke Addict.

(Here's where you say Hiiiii Taaayyyllleerrr)

But seriously folks, I'm trying to cut down... the hubby and I have decided to start being healthier! He is cutting down on the ice cream and I am conquering the delicious diet coke habit. Anyone that knows us knows what an incredible accomplishment this will be if we can stick to it!

I always try to stop cold turkey, and that never EVER works. I always fall off the wagon, into a pool full of diet coke. Haha BUT! I'm determined to make this time different!

My goal is to cut down to a Diet Coke 3 times a week. How much am I drinking at this point you ask? TOO MUCH, like my veins are probably full of diet coke instead of blood, too much.

So! Today was day one! And honestly it's hard. Which is sad.. and probably a sign I really DO need to cut down! At lunch I got a Dasani strawberry water instead of diet coke!! Score 1 for me!!! And as a reward for not choosing soda, I got myself some Reese's Pieces... Because I'm also a candy addict... one battle at a time friends! Haha :)

Here's hoping I really can keep up on this!


PS Anyone have tips on quitting Diet Coke!? :)

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  1. See, I cut soda cold turkey almost 5 years ago. I haven't had any since!! It was a little hard at first, seeing my family drink it, but I'm so glad I stopped. It's so much sugar to your body, and honestly, water and lemonade and juice just tastes so much better. Sometimes the smell of soda hurts my nose.

    So, after all I have said so far, I still don't have advice on how to quit diet coke. Hahahaha