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Saturday, November 10, 2012

things have gotten sooooo busy with all of our wedding planning! i am loving it so far! :) here is some stuff that's been going on!

first of all, I FOUND A DRESS!!!!!!!!!!
it. is. fabulous.
no pictures, it's going to be a surprise :) i am so excited that we found a great dress! it's so perfect and i absolutely love it! when we went to try on dresses, i brought my mom, my future mommy-in-law, my best friend hilary and my future sisters! i am so glad they all came, we had a fun day!
when i first started trying on dresses, we were all NOT impressed, and thought we were going to leave with out one!...but then (cue super hero music) maid of honor to the rescue! hilary whipped out a picture of a dress we liked (thank you pinterest) and they found me one almost exactly like it!!!

IT. WAS. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!
Finally!!!! we found THE dress! when i saw it in the mirror, i almost died. haha it's so pretty and exactly what i wanted. i looked over at my family and everyone was so excited. my mom and gavin's mom cried, which made me cry! haha i knew that was my dress. so excited to wear it on our big day! i hope my sweet groom will be blown away by it! :)

I am so glad i brought everyone with me. i loved sharing that special day with everyone!

here's how i asked my bridesmaids :)

 i asked my best friend/sister hilary to be my maid of honor :) we have been the best of friends for 4 years. i am so thankful i have had her here with me through all the ups and downs of life! she has been such a good friend to me and i am so thankful for all of her support!

my bridesmaids are my best friend aubrey, love her to death, so glad we have become so close!
and my two cute soon to be sister-in-laws, sarah and amy! i am so excited that i will get 2 sisters! :)

i feel so blessed to be marrying into such an incredible family :) i am so thankful for all of the love and support the stokes have given me! not everyone is as lucky as i am, to get such an amazing second mom and dad and sisters and brother :) (if you're reading this, i love you all SO much!)

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  1. so pretty much i've seen things like that on pinterest, and I was totally going to do it for my wedding, and your bridesmaid boxes are ADORABLE!!! :) So happy for you Tay! :)