twenty one!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

i'm officially twenty one now! not thaaaat exciting haha! i had a fabulous birthday because i had so many wonderful people to make me feel special! :) twenty was a pretty big year for me!! while not all of it was easy, i am grateful for the experiences i had that helped me to learn and grow.

i had so many experiences that helped build my testimony, and i am grateful for all of those. i learned to never ever ever give up on my dreams! i learned the best blessings come at the most unexpected times! i learned that my family will never give up on me! i changed so much during my 20th year! and i would never trade those experiences!

while i was twenty i....

got my new car! cut off 9 inches of my hair! became obsessed with sushi! ate way too much olive garden! got a new job! fell in love with the most wonderful boy in the world! got free donuts! rocked colored jeans! saw the hunger games at midnight! finished the book of mormon for the first time! learned to play halo! had bear lake shakes! went to my first festival of colors! dressed up as a pirate for halloween! and many more adventures :) it was a grand year!

and i had a great 21st birthday! gavin took me to red robin it was so yummy!! and he got me some super cute earrings a necklace and the cutest ron weasley key chain! (anyone who really knows me, knows how awesome that is!) my parents got my car windows tinted for me! and me and my bestie hil went out to dinner and to a movie for our 4th annual birthday palooza!!! we got each other cute best friend rings :)

21 has been fantastic so far!!! i am so excited to see what other adventures are in store :) i am soo happy, happier than i have ever been! i am getting closer to the person i want to be. i am doing things for myself and becoming more independent. i have so many dreams and goals i would like to see happen in my 21st year! i will never stop dreaming! and i am so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life who help me reach my dreams :) (i love you all, thanks!)

21: bring. it. on.

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