Great Grandma Stewart

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So! Because my bestie Hilary is soooo awesome and is kicking major BUTT at blogging, I'm feeling inspired to start doing the same!! :)

Today's blog is dedicated to the memory of my sweet sweet Great Grandma Stewart.
A couple weeks ago, Grandma Stewart returned home to her Heavenly Father and her eternal companion. Grandma was 93 years old, and had a wonderful spirit and such a wonderful attitude! At her funeral, there were lots of broken hearts, but we will all remember the great memories we had with Grandma. Listening to everyone's memories helped me remember a lot of my own! It was good to see my family all together again, it's been a long time!

I am going to list all of my favorite memories of Grandma Stewart, family members will totally get all of these, people who aren't family members, prepare to have a love for a sweet lady you may not have known, but will feel like you do after reading these stories :) They're going to be super random, I'm just writing as I think of them! Enjoy :)

* My favorite memory of Grandma Stewart was listening to her tell how she met Grandpa! She told me he would walk by her house on his way home from work, and everyday she would make sure she would be outside getting water when he passed by. I know it was the best part of Grandpa's day. They loved each other so much, and I know they are so happy to be reunited.

*Grandma's house was always so much fun when I was a kid. She had all the best toys! Grandma had an orange car track that we would set up at the top of the basement stairs, it was long enough to reach all the way to the bottom. She had a bucket of toy cars we would send flying down to the bottom. I remember me and my friends would laugh so hard when the cars would fly under the basement door. Grandma always let us be loud and silly at her house!

*Grandma had a beautiful collection of dolls. Old or new, beautiful or broken, she loved them all! Grandma even learned how to make dolls and was very good at it! Grandma always let us play with the dolls, she never told us we were too little, or worried we would break them. She was eager to show them to anyone who wanted to see!

* I loved having sleepovers at Grandma's house, she would let me build a fort out of card tables and blankets in the front room. She was never too tired to crawl down on the floor and play with us in our secret club house!

*Grandma always let me make a mess of the kitchen making crafts, necklaces and bracelets, painting, and cutting out pictures to make a collage. (something i STILL love to do because of Grandma!)

*Grandma would send us out in the back yard to pick delicious raspberries and pea pods!

*Another thing we loved to do with Grandma and Grandpa was go for rides "around the block" as they said, in the blue camper trailer! Lots of sleepovers and tea parties were held in the camper!

*As Grandma got older, she started to lose a lot of her memories. But we will always remember them. Last time I saw her, she didn't remember who we were, but she was as friendly as ever. She liked to tell us about things she could remember, like her crush on Grandpa, the first time she rode in an airplane, making her favorite fonny-mon-bockle cookies (if anyone knows how to spell that, let me know!)

Grandma Stewart was such a wonderful lady, and because of her, our family has 5 generations! She touched so many lives and was so great to so many people. I miss my sweet Grandma, and I look forward to meeting her again when she and my Grandpa are in their perfect state. I know we will see them again :)

I love you Grandma!!!

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