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Thursday, February 23, 2012

some important things i have learned:

sometimes in life, people let you down. but that doesnt mean that everyone will :) you just have to find the people who are going to stick by you and love you no matter what! im so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, that keep pushing me forward. who are there to give me a smile or a hug or a nice text or bring me a diet coke or to listen to my pointless drama, i love you all :)

god has a plan for all of us, even when we dont clearly see it. if we had everything layed out for us, we would never grow. we cannot lose faith when we dont see it perfectly, and sometimes we have to look again and again, and again! before we find the right path. but when we finally do, everything will make sense and everything we went through to get us there will all be worth it.
we just cant give up on looking for it :)

we cant let the things that bum us out ruin the good things! even when you're sad, smile anyway. laugh anyway. sing anyway. dance anyway. keep moving forward :)


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